How to download flu vouchers using a promo code

The below information will run you through the basics of how to order flu vouchers. This information is ONLY a summary of the voucher-request process. A more detailed approach/instructions for employees can be found HERE.

We can issue you a promotional code aka " promo code". This promo code is unique to your company.

With this promo code, you or your colleagues can download flu vouchers bypassing payment.

This approach is particularly helpful when you are dealing with multiple sites/offices or for large organisations. 

How to use your promo code?

  1. Request your company promo code. If you haven't already done so, please contact us at to request your promo code.
  2. We limit the number of vouchers you can request with this promo code. By default, we will limit the number of vouchers to 25 (minimum charge).
  3. Go to
  4. Search for your most convenient pharmacy
  5. Click on "Buy"
  6. Enter  name, work email and company name (optional), and click "continue."
  7. Click on "Have a promo code?" right at the bottom of the screen, and apply your company promo code.
  8. DO NOT use a credit card if you have been issued with a promotional code.
  9. Download the flu voucher and follow the instructions provided to book your appointment with the pharmacy or pharmacy chain you have selected.

A green pop up will appear saying "Successfully applied promo code "Your promo code."