Email Template - Get your flu voucher

  • 🚨 This email template contains clear instructions on how to get a flu voucher using a promo code. πŸš¨
  • You can always access this template via this link πŸ‘‰
  • Below you will also find an explanatory video on how employees can download their vouchers using a company promotional code.

Hi, everyone.

Our organisation has partnered with Corporate Care to run our off-site flu vaccination campaign.

Corporate Care has a vast network of around 2,000 chemist partners across Australia and New Zealand.

Downloading your flu voucher is now easier than ever. To help you through the process, please find step-by-step instructions below:

  1. Get your company's promotional code.
    • The promo code for our organisation is <ENTER-PROMO-CODE-HERE>
    • You MUST NOT use your credit card to download a voucher is not allowed, and there will be no refunds.
    • Sharing the promo code with anyone outside the organization without management's permission is strictly prohibited.
    • Watch the YouTube video for visual instructions on downloading your flu voucher πŸ‘‰

  2. Visit 
    • Enter an address to find a local pharmacy.
    • Locate the most convenient chemist on the map.
    • Once located, click on the green box "view profile."
    • Scroll down and click on "Buy."
    • Enter your name, email, and company name, then click "continue."
    • It is mandatory to obtain authorisation from management when requesting more than one voucher. Please ensure that you have obtained approval before proceeding with your request.

  3. Apply the promotional code and place the order.
    • At the bottom of the screen, click "Have a promo code?" and apply the code provided by your employer.

    • A green pop-up will appear saying, "Successfully applied promo code "Your promo code"

    • The cost of the voucher will be reduced to $0.
    • You can download the voucher or send it to your email after clicking "Place Order."
    • Instructions on booking your appointment with the selected pharmacy and your flu voucher will be provided via email.

      4. Bring your MEDICARE and ID card to the appointment. Please note that the following requirements and guidelines apply to pharmacies in Australia only and do not apply to New Zealand

    • You'll be asked for your residential address if you don't have a valid Medicare card.
    • This is a requirement for uploading your records to the Australian Immunisation Register.
    • Please note that the promo code you have received from your employer can only be used to download the voucher from, and cannot be used to book your flu shot directly with the pharmacy.

      5. COVID and FLU Vaccination

    • The Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) and the Commonwealth Department Of Health have advised that a Flu Vaccine Can Be Given At Any Time Before Or After, Or With A COVID-19 Vaccine
    • When booking your appointment with your selected pharmacy, please select the Flu and COVID vaccine option when making your online appointment or when calling the pharmacy.

      6. Where can you find more information about the flu?

    • Flu-E is Corporate Care's AI Influenza knowledgebase.
    • Visit to ask flu-related questions in your preferred language.
    • Provide feedback via the "Help a bot out" button to help Corporate Care improve the platform.
    • Contact Corporate Care at for any questions or concerns as they will be more than happy to help.


  • DO NOT use your credit card to download or purchase a voucher. Only use the promo code provided.
  • Urgent flu shot? If you need the flu shot urgently, i.e., within 24-48 hours, contact your preferred pharmacy chain to confirm they can fit you in for an appointment before downloading your flu voucher.
  • Expiry date. Generally, our vouchers are valid until the 31st of August unless stated otherwise. However, please note that Chemist Warehouse vouchers expire in the first week of June unless specified differently on the voucher.

    Thank you,