Book your flu appointment with Priceline, Soul Pattinson and Pharmacist Advice

Booking Your Flu Vaccination Appointment: Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Click on the URL link below and it will take you to the booking website.
    1. For Priceline go to
    2. For Soul Pattinson go to
    3. For Pharmacist Advice go to
  2. Enter your postcode to find nearby locations.
  3. Tick the checkbox for "Only show locations that accept vouchers."
  4. From the service dropdown menu, choose "Flu vaccination."
  5. Select "Flu Vaccinations "current year" " in the next dropdown menu.

  6. The nearest pharmacies with flu vaccination appointments available will pop up.
  7. Select the available time showing for the pharmacy you would like to visit or press the “all availabilities” button for more times.
  8. Indicate who the appointment is for by selecting the appropriate option.
  9. Choose whether you have attended the selected pharmacy before.
  10. Specify the type of appointment needed and click "Continue."
  11. Pick your desired appointment date and time. To see more options, scroll and click "Load more appointments," then click "Continue."
  12. Fill in the requested information and click "Continue."
  13. Click on “Use Voucher Code” and input your voucher number into the box. *

    *If you receive an error message when entering your voucher code, please double-check check the code has been entered correctly. We suggest copying and pasting the voucher code rather than typing the code in manually. 

  14. Confirm your booking by clicking "Pay and Book now".
  15. If you are a new patient to the pharmacy, you will be sent a verification code to your mobile phone, to finalise the booking, otherwise, you will see a confirmation screen and be sent an email.
  16. Bring your driver's license or ID to your appointment.

Remember to have your voucher code and ID with you on the day of your appointment.

Employees over 65 years of age:

NIP provides free influenza vaccines to people most at risk of complications from Influenza.

Including individuals aged 65 years and over, First Nations people aged 6 months and over, and those aged 5 to 64 years with a medical condition that puts them at increased risk of complications. Please contact the pharmacy to confirm your eligibility and availability of the vaccine.  If you are eligible for this service a voucher code does not need to be entered into the booking platform.

Cancelling a booking:

If circumstances arise and you need to cancel your appointment, please use the cancellation link included in your booking confirmation email. This will allow you to reuse the voucher link to rebook at a more convenient time. 

If the appointment is cancelled 2 hours before the appointment time the voucher can be used again.

If you do not attend a booking and do not cancel, the code is considered used. 

If you need to cancel your appointment within the 2 hours before the appointment, you need to call the pharmacy.