Book your flu appointment at Chemist Warehouse AU

Corporate Voucher User Guide

Creating a booking

1. Go to

2. Enter postcode and select “book now” to display your nearest participating Chemist Warehouse pharmacies.

3. Choose a Chemist Warehouse pharmacy to book into by selecting “Book Now”.

4. Select an available date and time slot from the available options. Scroll to bottom of page and select “Confirm Booking”.

5. Enter contact details for the person attending the booking. 

N.B. Email address will be used to send booking confirmation, reminders, pre-vaccination checklist & consent form and certificate of vaccination.

6. Enter attendee details for the person attending the booking. In the "Discounted by" section, select "Voucher" from the drop-down list for the person redeeming the corporate voucher.

N.B. Only one voucher code can be redeemed per booking. Therefore, if two people are using vouchers and want to go into the same booking slot, they will need to be processed as two separate bookings.

7. Type in the voucher code and select "Apply".

8. Continue entering the attendee details into the form and click "Confirm Booking" in the Secure Payment section.

N.B. To ensure your vaccination data is correctly recorded on the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR), make sure you type in your Medicare number correctly.

9. A new screen will load to show your booking confirmation and you will receive a booking confirmation email.

Troubleshooting voucher code errors

  • Does your code have an O/0 or an I/1 in it? All voucher codes are a combination of capital letters and numbers. Copy and paste the voucher code directly into the booking website to ensure there aren't any data entry errors.
  • Have you entered the 'underscore' (_) in the code?
  • Have you used this code to make a booking already? Double-check that your original booking was canceled before you try to make a new booking.
  • Voucher codes are unique to you, make sure you are only using the code you were allocated by your organisation.
*The vouchers will expire on June 10, 2023.