How do I avoid becoming infected with the flu?

Good hygiene. You should always wash your hands regularly. Make sure you have disposable towels and soap near sinks and consider making alcohol-based hand cleaners available in high-traffic areas. To prevent the spread of the flu, ensure you always have disposable tissues handy and throw them away once used.

Eating utensils. Utensils and crockery should not be shared to prevent flu droplets from being passed between individuals. Utensils and crockery should be washed with detergent and warm water or through a dishwasher prior to use by others. 

Clothing, bedding and towels. Clothing, bedding and towels worn by a person sick with the flu should never be shared unless they have been properly washed. Wear gloves while touching clothing and linen that has been used by a sick person.

Cleaning the house. Wipe down and disinfect common surfaces such as the fridge door handle, tables, doorknobs and taps. Ensure toilets and bathrooms are cleaned regularly. Keep your house well-ventilated during the day.