How does your outsourcing process work?

We are aware the following process moves well beyond a sub-contracting arrangement. We feel this approach will enable our flu partners to focus on engaging with their customers in a more meaningful way. The below service model will allow our partners' clients to access the same of services and processes we already offer to our clients in a way that we will value your clients as much as we value our own.

We see outsourcing as partnership opportunities rather than a simple sub-contracting arrangement.

The process highlighted below will allow both our partners and their clients to have access to our expertise, avoiding the inefficiencies that often go with sub-contracting arrangements. 

Outsourcing process

1. Online form and data collection

Corporate Care will provide a customised online form which can be embedded into your website or send to your clients via email or SMS. This form will enable the collection of the necessary information to prepare an accurate quote for you to review.

2. Online Quoting 

When a form is filled out, both you and Corporate Care will be notified by email. 

This notification will allow you to prepare a draft quote for your client based on your charge rates while Corporate Care prepares a quote for you based on the agreed rates. 

In most cases in metropolitan areas, there will be no additional charges. However, this step is important to ensure that you are aware of any other expenses (travel time, rural or remote sites, multiple visits required, after-hour clinics, etc.), before sending out a quote to your client. 

Corporate Care will aim to send the proposal within two days to allow you to adjust the quote if necessary.

3. Flu Clinic Logistics and Monitoring

When your customer decides to move forward, we would ask you to accept the online proposal we prepared for you. Please note you can accept or decline quotes online.
This action will trigger the booking workflow that we use for all of our clients. You will receive a copy of all the emails sent by our software, allowing you to monitor the progress of each quote and clinic.
The workflow is as follows:
  1. Your client receives an email asking for the details of the sites where they are requesting clinics. This process enables your client to manage each of these sites themselves or delegate this to another staff member if they prefer.
  2. Once this form is submitted the person who will be responsible for each site provides complete details for their office and advises us of their preferred days and times.
  3. Once completed, Corporate Care will look at dates that best match your client's needs and preferences and propose a date and time for each clinic. We aim to complete the scheduling of clinics within two to three business days.
  4. The client will then receive an email with a proposed date and time for their clinic, which they can either accept or reject. Rejecting the proposed date would return the process to Step 2, and we would offer new clinic times, taking into consideration any new information they provide to us.
  5. When the client accepts a proposed date, our system automatically emails your client's site coordinator and copy you in the email (optional). This email will contain information on how to promote their flu clinic as well as the link to both the appointment booking site and their clinic management portal. The clinic management portal will enable you and your client to monitor the appointments made and the vaccines administered at the clinic in real-time. 

4. Appointments and vaccination day

The booking site allows your client's employees to make their appointments, complete an online consent form and receive email reminders in the lead up to the clinic. 
Our nurses will also accommodate "walk-ins" (participants without a booking). Our nurses will enter the participant's details into the system when they attend the clinic.
5. Reporting and invoicing
Following the clinic, the system will assist you in monitoring how many vaccines have been administered using the clinic management portal and for Corporate Care to issue an invoice for our services.